How You Can Stabilise Your Business While Cutting Down Your Hours With Systems, Automations and Delegation…

Hey, my name is Tega. I’m the founder of Virtual OS.

Did you know that since the dreaded C*vid19 pandemic, the number of businesses investing in technology to improve their productivity, effectiveness, and profitability has increased?

The number has gone up and is something like 86%.

I mean, it makes sense when lockdowns are being ordered, turning to tech, and the internet became a way for businesses to survive.

Great as that news and that number is, the number of businesses paying for Tech but DON’T know how to use the tech they are paying for, and sometimes the bill is hefty.

As a business owner, If you’re spending your time wearing ALL the hats in your business, you’re literally BURNING money…

Wearing all the hats keeps you going in circles, wasting time…and being inefficient.

The effects of this are compounded when you are the CEO chief EVERYTHING officer and you have to handle and manage the fulfilment of the work you are selling.

This cycle continues leaving you STUCK working IN the business and not ON it.

The fact that 86% of companies invest in technology to improve their productivity, effectiveness and profitability…

So I’d say that most companies understand the importance of technology in the age of the internet (ESPECIALLY after the c*vid mayhem)…

Thousands of businesses are moving or have moved a part of their operations online, and they all need help to succeed and grow…

The issue is…

Most freelancers/small business owners don’t actually know which technologies are a waste and which ones actually help them stabilise and grow their business…

Figuring that out on top of everything else they have to do in the business. It’s asking someone to race Usain bolt in his prime, dragging an 80kg sled.

This is when business owners start looking at recruiting and building a team.

The problem is that allocating too much cash to employees creates the problem of eating into your margins.

This is where I come in.

I help the business achieve more with LESS of you.

How do we help?


Believe it or not, not all systems are created equal.

Anyone can write down steps and call it a system, but that doesn’t help or contribute to getting tasks off your plate once and for all.

We like to do a bit differently.

We create systems built with delegation in mind.

The way we build systems cuts training time in half.

It answers questions before they’re asked while producing the results you want – every.single.time.

We build systems that are easy to implement and will replicate the special sauce that gets your specific results.

Because when your systems work – they stabilise your business, they help you reach your goals, replicate your magic and can be implemented by someone other than you, all while keeping you in control and producing damn near perfect results.

That’s our expertise.

Increase Your Productivity, Profits, and
Gain Back Your Time Freedom…