Gain Absolute Clarity, Cut Down Your Hours And Save Yourself Money
With The Right Systems, Automations, and Delegations That Fits Your Business

Delegate the Jobs You Don’t Want to Do, Automate the Systems That You Can, and Delete Everything Else to Get Back Your Time WITHOUT Losing Income

What We Help You With…

  • How To Create Systems For Your Business That are Designed With Delegation In Mind
  • What You Need To Know To Help You To Cut Training Times In Half
  • The Steps That You Need To Take To Start Implementing Your Systems To Let You Hit The Ground Running
  • How To Stay In Control While Giving Control To Your Team
  • And So Much More

As a business owner, If you’re spending your time wearing ALL the hats in your business, you may as well be BURNING money…

Wearing all the hats keeps you going in circles, wasting time… and being inefficient.

The effects of this are compounded when you are the CEO (chief EVERYTHING officer!), and you have to handle and manage the fulfilment of the work you are selling.

Now, in this post-pandemic world, thousands of businesses are moving or have moved a part of their operations online to save themselves some time.

The issue is…

Most freelancers/small business owners don’t actually know which technologies are a waste and which ones actually help them stabilise and grow their business!

Figuring that out on top of everything else they have to do in the business.

It’s like asking someone to race Usain bolt in his prime, dragging an 80kg sled.

This is when business owners start looking at recruiting and building a team.

The problem is that allocating too much cash to employees creates the problem of eating into your margins.

However, this is where I turn up looking all heroic, sipping my Ribena with my hair jiggling in the wind.

Your Business Can Achieve More Profit And Success
With LESS Of You

Believe it or not, not all systems are created equal.

Anyone can write down steps and call it a system, but that doesn’t help or contribute to getting tasks off your plate once and for all.

We like to do a bit differently.

We create systems built with delegation in mind.

The way we build systems cuts training time in half.

It answers questions before they’re asked while producing the results you want – every.single.time.

We build systems that are easy to implement and will replicate the special sauce that gets your specific results.

Because when your systems work – they stabilise your business, they help you reach your goals, replicate your magic and can be implemented by someone other than you, all while keeping you in control and producing damn near perfect results.

That’s our expertise and I can help you on the right path with one of my Systems Consultation Calls.

Who Is Tega Diegbe?

My name is Tega Diegbe

and I’m a man of many talents, including, but not limited to, Facebook Ads, Podcast management, and some backend tech management.

It’s taken me a little while to find my “role”, but in a nutshell, I’d say I’m a consultant who helps solopreneur coaches and consultants make the move from a one-man band to a business owner.

Tega Diegbe Helping Business Owners

What Are People Saying?

Hired Tega to help build my ClickFunnel and connect all the bits and pieces in the back end. He was an absolute dream, communicating every step and even recording videos to show me what to do myself. Thank you so much!
Catherine Reohorn,
Kind Copy
Exceptional service, we got a writer who was an immediate upgrade on anything we had available.

They do exactly what we asked for and do it timely and to a great standard. #tegaisthebombdiggity
Dan Ray,
Ray Digital Marketing
Tega help us set up our Fitness Business Authority podcast and get it on Itunes as we had no idea where to start. The process was quick, easy and painless. All we had to do was send the recordings to Tega and his team each week.
Liam Thompson,
Internet Fitpro

How Much We Talking?

To book a Systems Consultation Call with me is a one-off investment of just £150.

I’ve kept this low enough that it should be easily affordable by the solopreneurs who are ready to start creating systems in their biz.

But, I want you to value my time and the time we spend on the call to implement what we discuss.

By putting a little “skin in the game”, you’re making the commitment to take this seriously.

Let’s Chat About Your Systems!

All you have to do to get started is hit the button below, and you’ll be taken to a secure order page.

When you have entered your regular details and your money has cleared, you’ll be able to book a call at a time that suits you.

I look forward to talking to you soon, homie!