About Me:

6 years ago, having a business and comfortable lifestyle was a dream. 

But here I am today, living it. 

But here I am 6 years later in a position where my life is comfortable thanks to my business. 

I tend to avoid making myself the center of attention, just like most people. 

My name is Tega (but you knew that already) and I live in the coolest city in England, Newcastle upon Tyne in my humble opinion.

Why Read My Blog?

I believe that given the chance, everybody has the ability to create and live their dream life! This is commonly referred to as Lifestyle design or lifestyle by design.

While not everyone has the same dreams, goals, and aspirations, I do believe that given the chance with enough elbow grease that you can build your dream life. 

I show how to grow a business that is location independent and how I survived my messy journey as an entrepreneur and teach how to build a team to support you in your business. 

I write about Systems, Processes and Delegation as well.

I will also talk about my successes and my failures in life and in business. 

But it’s not all roses. You’ll also hear real life stories about things that I haven’t gone spectacularly well.


A few years ago, Dan, the guy I was working for, was having a product launch for his copywriting product. 

At this point, we had been doing a good 3-4 weeks of basic promo for launching a product. 

I was the person in charge of setting up all the tech. This meant the sales page, the emails, and making sure all the links worked properly. 

During this time, football season was coming to a peak (I guess you can see where this is going).

Safe to say that because of lack of systems, and documented processes, there was an increased likelihood of something falling through the cracks. 

And lo and behold, something indeed fell through the cracks. 

This is where it all went wrong…

On the day of launch, which was a Sunday, the cart was opening. And the opening of the cart happened to coincide with me playing football.

I took extra care to set up the product the night before, and I thought everything would be okay. I thought I could go enjoy my football game without having to think about it. 

Boy was I wrong.

Before my game, I had a quick scan through everything and it all looked perfectly fine. 

During halftime, I wanted to check on how the launch was going. 

And to my bewilderment, I received 15 missed calls from Dan. Something was up.

I checked my email, and saw a bunch of notifications from Clickfunnels about failed transactions.

What was going on!?

I gave Dan a call, and he was quite angry at that time. 

The launch was in jeopardy because of that one mistake.

And what was the mistake? 

The mistake was instead of setting the product price to 495 pounds, I had set it to 49,500 pounds! Due to my haste, I made a typo, and an expensive one at that. 

This was one of the big turning points for me that got me seriously thinking about using systems and checklists.

I realised that when you’re tired and stressed, it’s easy to make mistakes. It’s easy to get caught up in the messy middle, making it even messier than it already is. 

I was already interested in systems before this expensive mistake, but that time was when I realised how crucial it is to take action on the systems. It was time to walk the talk.

Thankfully nobody actually got charged 49,500 pounds and the product launch turned out to be quite a successful one. 

We were able to turn this mistake into quite a story to serve as an example for people who were trying to run a business. 

Just like any messy middle, you can turn things around. And yes, even learn a thing or two from all your battle scars.

It also served as an important lesson for me. And here I am today, writing about the importance of systems and processes so you don’t end up charging 49,500 pounds for a 495 course. 


If I were to tell you that every word of every blog post will be a perfect fit for you, I’d be lying. And we both know that.

However, I am confident that in this blog, you will find stuff that will be of real genuine use and value to you and will help you on your journey to building the business of your dreams. 

Thank you for taking some time out to read this. I wish you all the success you wish for yourself.